We carry one of the most comprehensive ranges of pine framing materials in Victoria. Choose from standard or custom sizes and ask for treatment that protects it from termites and borers. Our qualified team will help guide you in the right selection for your project. 

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Our framing timber products

Structural Pine



Yellow Tongue
Bracing Ply

Structural Properties

All framing material is kiln-dried and planed to accurate and consistent dimensions, then passed through a machine stress grader, and visually inspected by well-trained timber graders for strength and utility overrides. Each stick is then branded, confirming its grade and the mill where it was manufactured 

Compliance and Certification

Structural Timber may be used in conjunction with the following Australian Standards:

  • AS 1684 – Residential Timber Framed construction
  • AS 1720 – Timber Structures Code, Part 1 and any other building code or Australian Standard that makes reference to MGP product.

It is graded in Sawmills in accordance to AS/NZS 1748 – Mechanically stress-graded timber.